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Artist Blog – About Nagendran Duraisamy

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Artist Blog – About Nagendran Duraisamy. Here is a collection of Nagendran Duraisamy’s excellent paintings. His career as an artist began at an early age when he was in fifth grade. Nagendran was born in the Tamil Nadu town of Kumbakonam. Nagendran moved to Chennai at the age of 19 to pursue his passion for art.

Nagendran is a self-taught artist who has excelled in Tamil paintings over the past 17 years. Watercolor, Acrylic painting, knife Palette painting, Graffiti painting, Apart painting, oil paintings, Murals, Pen drawing, Pencil Portraits, and miniatures are among his specialties.

Nagendran is a true inspiration for many young Indian artists. Despite moving to the large city when he was very young, his passion for painting has propelled him to the top of his field.

Nagendran is a well-known personality among Madurai American College students from all over the country. If you want to buy one of his popular paintings, you can contact him through his blog, Nagendran Duraisamy.

Nagendran Duraisamy is a talented event and fine artist, as well as an American college professor, 3D modeller, and screenwriter. He also knows a lot about social media, and his blog focuses on social media for artists, his own work for various technology events, and a variety of other topics.

If you are unfamiliar with Dheeran Artists, you are truly missing out on one of the great minds thinking about how art can change the world, and he is regarded as a reformer and cultural definer.
Nagendran’s blog focuses on her current work, the mindset of a successful artist.
Nagendran is a truly inspiring individual.

Nagendran is not only talented as a painter, but also as a storyteller. Every work of art has a backstory, and Nagendran’s blog posts tell the storey of his current work. Nagendran has made a name for himself by sending paintings to his collectors via email on a daily basis. Check out Nagendran’s success if you think daily emails are too much!

The primary goal is to make affordable modern, high-quality artworks available to everyone.

Art is more than a business to us; it is our passion, our spirit, and our identity!

November 2022

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